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  Tankless Statistics

FPL stated if tankless were used with a $70.00 month bill, you would save $13.00 per month.
That is an 18.5 percent savings per month!!
$13.00 times 7 million people (which FPL has on line) would save the consumer $91 million dollars a month.
12 Months times $91 million dollars a month totals $1,092,000,000 annual savings for the consumers per year.
If you look at my utility bill for last month ($151.80) and divide the total amount into kWh used (1669), it comes out to approximately $.09 per kWh.
If you take $.09, which is approximately 11 kWh per dollar into $1,092,000,000, it amounts to approximately 99,272,727 kWh which is how much electricity this state would save at a minimum per year!
FPL should encourage the consumer converting to tankless hot water heaters. FPL should institute a rebate program like they have now with high energy efficient rated air conditioners to conserve energy!
Isn't it time that we pass into legislation a law stating that any new construction, whether residential or commercial, shall be required to use tankless hot water heaters to conserve energy?

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