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Please Note Our New Pricing All CHAMPION Tankless Hot Water Heaters are priced at $375 Cash and Carry. Buy two units for $730.

C-120 Tankless Water Heater up to 3 - 4 GPM - 220 Volt Double Pole 60 Amp Breaker & # 6 Wire

C-085 Tankless Water Heater up to 2 - 3 GPM - 220 Volt Double Pole 40 Amp Breaker & # 8 Wire

Typical unit installation averages $850 +/-, includes heater, labor & materials, 20' of wire, depending on installation environment.

Notes Regarding Installation:
1. Homeowners can certainly install these units themselves.
2. You simply remove the existing water heater and mount the Tankless right on the wall.
3. There is a water line into and out of the unit. We use hard copper and sweat the copper in place with compression fittings used at the inlet and outlet of the unit. You can use the new CPVC, HOWEVER, if using CPVC, it is recommended that a pressure relief valve be used on the inlet side. DO NOT USE TEFLON TAPE OR PIPE JOINT COMPOUND
4. The most important aspect is proper wire sizing.
5. Check your local building codes for proper size wiring for your particular unit.
6. We are not responsible for improperly installed units.
7. Except for warranty related issues, returned merchandise is subject to a $25 restocking fee. Shipping, handling and reinstallation charges are non-refundable.

Please call for further details at 561.744.5108 or toll free at 1.866.782.3666.

Thank you,

Philip J. McCullem
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